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126                             SHIPPING PRACTICE


From Burma, China, United States of America, the Guianas, and


Burma, in bags, 50 cub. ft.  Cleaned rice, 40-45 cub. ft.
China and Japan, in bags, 60 cub. ft.


Formosa, Burma, and Viet Nam.

In bags, 55 cub. ft.; in casks, 60 cub. ft.


From   Java,   Madagascar,   Argentina,   Caribbean,   Mauritius,

South Africa, East Indies, and Australia.
Java shipments in bags or baskets: bags, 48-50 cub. ft.; baskets,

60-63 cub. ft.

Madagascar and South Africa: in bags, 40-45 cub. ft.
East Indies: 36-42 cub. ft.


From India, China, and West Africa.
Indian seeds are carried on scale.

Hemp, 70 cub. ft.; linseed, 60-70 cub. ft.; rapeseed, 60 cub. ft.;
mixed seeds, 75-80 cub. ft.


Scandinavia and White Sea, St. Lawrence, Pacific, and Northern

Range ports of the United States of America.
Carried on measurement of 165 cub. ft. per standard.


From Canada,  Australia,  South  Africa,  New  Zealand,   and
America, 40-46 cub. ft.


From Australia, New Zealand,  South  Africa,   River Plate,

Mediterranean, Australia, and New Zealand.
In press packed bales, double bags.
Greasy wool, 180-190 cub. ft.; scoured, 280 cub. ft.; undumped,

240 cub. ft.; African presied bales:  greasy,  200 cub.  ft.;

scoured, 270-280 cub. ft.
Australian raw wool (dumped and greasy) is double-pressed,

and measures only 92 cub. ft. per ton.